Child therapist in Oradell

Child Therapist in Oradell

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Counseling and therapy for children in Oradell

Child therapist in Oradell
Child therapist in Oradell

Here at Mars & Venus, we are pleased to offer a wide variety of services that help our patients of various age groups. It may seem as if the only difference between treating adults and children is the age of the person involved. But that is not so. The reality is that children have very specific needs and requirements, and our child therapist in Oradell offers that, with all the experience and specialized expertise that you would expect and require.

In today’s complex world, children face serious challenges and difficulties; as a matter of fact, it is fair to say that the road they need to travel is a tougher one than at any time in recent memory. This has been made so by the constant presence of social media and electronic devices, which keep them connected, for better or worse, with friends, classmates, and unfortunately even antagonists. It is a false belief that some have, where they think that children are immune to issues like depression and anxiety. Our child therapist in Oradell will not only take that into account, but also the unique concerns that your child has or that you have about your child. Examples include low self-esteem, behavioral problems, school difficulties, and hyperactivity. Communication is key to helping your child to overcome whatever situations he or she is dealing with. That means communication between you and her or him, as well as communication between your child and friends, classmates, and other adults, such as teachers. One thing is certain, and that is if the weight of circumstances is not easy for adults to manage, it is also at least as hard for your child.

Let our child therapist in Oradell make a difference in a positive way. Contact our office to arrange a convenient time to come in for an appointment.

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