Bergen County Depression Counseling

Bergen County Depression Counseling

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Coping with Depression in Bergen County

What’s the difference between occasionally feeling depressed and actually having clinical depression? It’s distinctions like that which determine if you need the expert help we provide here at Mars & Venus. Everyone feels down once in a while, but when coping with depression becomes difficult or even impossible on a daily basis, we’re here for the therapy you need.

There are degrees of depression, of course, as with any disorder or illness. It can be a challenge to have others acknowledge the validity and the seriousness of mood disorders, unfortunately, but not when it comes to our Bergen County depression counseling. Our goal is to assess your current situation and to work with you on a strategy to get results so that you won’t have to feel as if you’re under the weight of depression. And while every person’s experience with depression is somewhat different, there are common signs that you should look for and that will be indicative of your need for our Bergen County depression counseling. Among them are a feeling of persistent sadness or hopelessness, disrupted sleep, inability to enjoy leisure activities or to relax, loss of appetite, difficulties interacting with other people, fatigue, social withdrawal, unexplained mood changes, and above all, suicidal thoughts. If you are thinking of ending your life, it is crucial to reach out for help immediately. Call the Suicide Prevention Hotline, and then turn to us for the ongoing professional assistance that is required to lift yourself from the hole you feel you’re in. Don’t be misled by those who tell you to just get over it or that exercise or keeping busy will be the remedy you need. They mean well, but depression should not be taken lightly.

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