Bergen County marriage family therapist

Bergen County Marriage Family Therapist

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Premarital counseling in Bergen County

For some people, they will spend more time researching a new car lease that they’ll keep for three years than they will delving into an upcoming marriage that they hope to last for life. Well here at Mars & Venus, we think that premarital counseling is pretty important. And so do our many patients who have gotten the types of positive results that set the stage for a healthy, fulfilling, long lasting partnership of mutual love, respect, and support. That’s what our Bergen County marriage family therapist helps with.

If you speak to anyone who has been married for 10, 20, 30 years or more, you will discover that a successful relationship is not completely free of conflict. It’s about handling conflicts without blaming each other and without holding grudges. Just two married people living together creates the opportunity for problems to arise, both big and small. Now add children, or other family members, and you have a unique challenge. Our Bergen County family therapist will help you to listen to each other rather than just wait to argue your own points. The goal is to grow closer together, not to push each other further away, as can happen, often without either of you realizing it until it’s too late. You may hear some people scoff and tell you that they have enough work, and that working on a marriage is unnecessary. They may be fortunate enough to have a strong relationship anyway, but it’s in spite of that attitude, and not because of it. The reality is that anything worthwhile takes effort. And the fruits that a good marriage brings with it are well worth the minimal time and work you put into working with our Bergen County family therapist.

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