Anxiety counseling in Oradell

Anxiety Counseling in Oradell

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When you’re dealing with the effects of anxiety, you need the help of an expert. At Mars & Venus, we take a unique and very effective approach toward the management and treatment of it. Coping with anxiety can become debilitating depending on its severity. Our anxiety counseling in Oradell is one-on-one and is based on the wisdom that can be found in Dr. John Gray’s influential book “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.”

If you’ve read the book or are familiar with it from having heard of it, you know that its subject matter was designed to help couples to deal with the difficulties in their relationships by realizing that men and women think and feel in a way that is different from each other. How does this relate to our anxiety counseling in Oradell? Although the book is not the only source used for helping you to cope with anxiety, it does provide a solid foundation from which a comprehensive strategy is developed that includes methods and advice from top experts in individual counseling. Anxiety is something that everyone experiences to one extent or another, but when it starts to impact your ability to enjoy life, work, or even function daily, this is what we refer to as clinically diagnosed anxiety; and it’s what our anxiety counseling in Oradell is all about. It’s not possible to just use will power of positive thinking to overcome clinical anxiety. It take the assistance of a trained professional. And thanks to the logical and proven methods advanced by Dr. Gray, you can have greater confidence in the process and its ability to work for you as it has for so many others.

If you have problems with irrational fear or panic attacks, or if anxiety is impacting your ability to sleep or causing physical symptoms such as jaw clenching, you should call our office and schedule an appointment.

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