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Pre-Marital Counselors in Oradell

When you think of all the things that you prepare for, putting in the effort to give yourself the best chance of success, Mars & Venus would like to suggest that doing the same thing for your marriage is a wonderful idea. After all, what’s more important to a happy life than a marriage that is successful, based on mutual trust and support? Well, with our Oradell pre-marital counseling, you and your future spouse will be able to benefit from the solid principles laid down in Dr. John Gray’s hugely popular and helpful book, “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.” The two of you have made the momentous decision to marry each other, so why not give yourselves the advantage of a foundation that allows you to understand each other, both your similarities and your differences? Knowing what motivates your spouse is a fantastic first step toward a marriage filled with happiness and joy.

It’s an unfortunate reality that what should be a small disagreement can so easily turn into a huge argument. It’s easy to blame each other and to see only your side, but with our Oradell pre-marital counseling, you’ll better be able to interpret what is bothering your spouse and vice-versa. Of course, listening is important, but we go beyond that, helping you both to see what’s behind the words. Yes, men and women think differently, feel differently, and argue differently. To keep your relationship strong and mutually satisfying, you both need to solve problems together and not look for winners and losers.

Happy couples do not happen by accident. It’s the result of putting in the time it takes to avoid the pitfalls that can derail other couples. Loving each other is a great reason to get married, but it may not be enough to keep the marriage afloat. With our Oradell pre-marital counseling, you give yourselves that indispensable edge that makes your success that much more likely.

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