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Oradell NJ Motivational Counseling

It’s perfectly natural to need guidance in order to get the most out of your life and to find the direction that is most ideal for you. At Mars & Venus, we apply solid and workable ideas to help you correct your course and to focus on your goals. In order to do that, it requires using the most effective tools available to lift the burdens of your past so that you can achieve happiness in the present and the future. Our life coach in Oradell is committed to your personal growth.

As a basis for positive results, we look to the timeless wisdom imparted by Dr. John Gray in the bestseller “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.” The initial concern was to help couples in understanding each other better to promote stronger relationships, but our counselor is equally adept at working with you as an individual since the principles are easily transferable. These lessons are the foundation, but not the complete story of how our life coach in Oradell guides you. It’s a big part of a comprehensive plan that includes valuable methods that originate with top people in the field of individual counseling.

Life coaching is useful in structuring your personal and your professional life. Such aspects as career path, self-confidence, and self esteem are all essential components of the types of areas that our life coach in Oradell can assist in fostering significant improvement. It doesn’t matter if you’re a stay-at-home parent or the CEO of a corporation or anything in-between. We will work with you to zero in on what is truly important in your life and then design a strategy to make it happen. Obstacles are for others to worry about, but not you. They are just tiny speed bumps on the road to success in all areas of your life.

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Marital Counseling in Oradell

Counseling for Married Couples 07649

Do you feel happy and satisfied with your marriage? Does your marriage have underlying issues that you feel need to be addressed in order to continue on successfully? Are you looking for better and more effective means of communicating with your partner? If you can relate to any of these questions, we understand that you might feel stuck, or lost, or unsure of where to turn. Here at Mars & Venus, we are here to offer you solutions through our marital counseling in Oradell. At Mars & Venus, we use the book Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus as the basis of our counseling philosophy. Dr. John Gray has created a complete clinical approach to couples counseling that integrates all the ideas from the book, and has helped countless couples make real, valuable changes in their relationships. Through our marital counseling in Oradell, you will learn how to understand, honor, and respect the differences that exist between you and your partner. You will learn that differences do not have to mean that there should be an increased distance between you in your partner—that rather, you both can embrace and love the differences between one another. In addition, our marital counseling in Oradell will help you identify what your needs are, and what your partner’s needs are, and how you both can meet those needs together. Finally, garnering effective communication skills are a cornerstone of our philosophy for marital counseling in Oradell. Often, having a third, impartial party in the room can allow for communication to truly flourish.

If you would like to learn more about what our marital counseling in Oradell entails, or if you would like to learn more about any of the other many services available to you here at Mars & Venus, we highly recommend that you visit our main website. There you will find a wealth of additional information about our services, our staff, our philosophy, and other relevant information that you might find useful. If you have any specific questions or concerns for our staff, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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Oradell parenting counselor

Parenting Advice 07649

In your role as parent, you may experience a variety of situations that perhaps you did not expect, are unsure about or you simply feel you need more information and would like to talk it over with a professional before effectively resolving.  Whether you are a first time or experienced parent, we understand everyone could use a bit of help now and then.  At Mars & Venus we offer parenting counseling and parenting advice as part of our variety of mental health services.  As your Oradell parenting counselor, the extensively experienced and highly trained professional therapists will be able to explore your current parenting concerns with you and work toward increasing your level of comfort with any obstacles or feelings of apprehension you may be facing.

The first step toward receiving effective parenting counseling or receiving professional parenting advice by a Oradell parenting counselor at Mars & Venus, is to schedule a preliminary appointment for a consultation.  At this first appointment, we encourage patients to first allow themselves to begin by discussing their reasons for seeking treatment by a one of our compassionate counselors.  We understand you will want to first determine your level of comfort with your therapist and decide if you feel at ease to talk about your stressors without inhibition.  Feelings of trust, security and well-being with your therapist are of the utmost importance. Our team of professionals understands your need for this part of the process and will encourage you by allowing as much time as you need to ask questions regarding treatment options for your parenting counseling.

To schedule an appointment with our Oradell parenting counselor at Mars & Venus, we ask that you either contact us via our website or call our office at (201) 467-4173.  We understand the hectic pace of family life and offer convenient day or evening appointments Monday through Friday as well as 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.  We accept many medical insurance plans as well as other forms of payment including most major credit cards.  Our team of compassionate and caring counselors look forward to meeting with you and meeting your parenting counseling needs in our Oradell office.

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Coping with Depression in Oradell

Oradell Depression Counseling

The effects of depression can be anywhere from bothersome to debilitating. At Mars & Venus, we work with you to help you deal with depression in a way that allows you to live your life the way you want to. Far too often, depression is seen as a weakness or something that you should just be able to “get over.” But the truth is that it’s very real and professional counseling can be a tremendous boost to coping with depression in Oradell.

We’re known for applying the unparalleled wisdom that is evident in Dr. John Gray’s landmark book, “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.” This applies not just to working with couples and the difficulties and challenges that are part of building a healthy relationship, but also to working with men and women individually in coping with depression in Oradell. But the lessons derived from the book are not the only aspect that is used in our counseling. Rather, it’s a comprehensive strategy that includes valuable methods that originate with top people in the field of individual counseling.

It’s certainly true that everyone is sad or feeling down from time to time. When we refer to coping with depression in Oradell, we don’t mean that occasional feeling of the blues or melancholy. Depression, in the clinical sense, means a sadness that persists over time, one that doesn’t subside, and that can pose a serious risk to your ability to work, engage with other people, enjoy your leisure time, sleep, and eat. Not everyone will suffer in all of those areas, but there are symptoms that can help you recognize that you might benefit from the help we have to offer. Some of these are fatigue, unexplained mood changes, social withdrawal, and suicidal thoughts. This is not an exhaustive list, so if you are experiencing a feeling of depression, please call us right away and schedule a consultation.

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What Do You Tell Your Children about Death?

In light of what happened in our Bergen County, Northern NJ community that Mars & Venus is a part of:

In most families, parents don’t think about explaining death to their children until a relative dies.

In the past, when people were born and died at home, death was a natural part of everyday life and children took part in that event with everybody else.

Today it is important to be aware that an understanding of death does not enter a child’s picture of the world by itself. Children have to be told about death. It will make sorrow and death much easier for a child to deal with if they know something about it beforehand.

Why should I prepare my children? When someone in a family dies, many parents will attempt to protect their children by not talking about sorrow or death. This is a misguided kind of protection. Sooner or later, the child will be confronted with the subject. If a child has some understanding of the meaning of the word ‘death’, they will be better equipped to deal with the situation.

If a child has been protected against sorrow, they will still react when they realize what has happened. Nobody can avoid grief, only postpone it. Often, trying to protect a child will only cause them unnecessary anxiety and perhaps even guilt.

It may not be possible for a parent to talk to a child about death when someone in the family dies, because that parent is so upset. It would be beneficial for the whole family if the child had been prepared before the actual death.

How do I talk to my child about death? Children can be taught that death is a part of life by their parents preparing them when a death in the family is expected. They can talk about it before they, and their parents, are grief stricken. Children do not need protection; they need competent guidance and satisfactory answers to their questions.

The development and age of the child needs to be borne in mind. The parent or guardian knows how the child likes like to talk about things, the sort of language they can use and if there are other ways they like to communicate, through drawing for example.

Children less than eight years old are often interested in death and have complex concepts about it but are not able to grasp its finality. They, and many adults, have magical beliefs about how life can carry on after death or how many people come back to life. The understanding that this is not the case only comes with greater maturity and then will be affected by the cultural and spiritual beliefs of the child’s family and community.

By making this preparation a part of everyday life, death will be a natural thing for a child. Flowers that wither and die, or a pet that dies, may provide an opening. It is possible to talk about elderly people whom the child knows and talk about yourselves getting old and dying. The library can provide a list of children’s books on the subject. Reading books together, and talking afterwards about the feelings they arouse, is a good way of starting to talk about death.

Children ask questions in a very direct way. They may not talk about feelings as much as about more concrete circumstances. Maybe they will ask what a coffin looks like on the inside, whether lying in the ground is scary and lonely or whether it is cold and dark down there. It is important to be prepared for these questions. If they make the parent uncomfortable, the child will notice and stop asking questions. A child will watch to see whether they are allowed these kinds of questions and the reaction they create.

Remember children do not sit down and discuss a subject for hours on end. They will come running and ask some of the hardest questions in the world. That offers little time to think answers through. After a couple of minutes, they might want to go back outside to play. Seizing the moment is important. Talk about the subject when they want to. It is natural for them to change the subject and then return to it later.

When telling a child that someone has died, make sure the word ‘died’ is used. Children do not understand euphemisms. Some children have waited years for a grandparent to return because they had been told he or she had ‘passed away.’ Euphemisms may help an adult feel better but they won’t help a child understand what has happened.

When mourning, let a child know it. The parent should let him or her see they are truly sad. If grief is hidden, the child will think that grief is not an acceptable feeling.

Should my child go to the funeral? A funeral is a ceremony that helps people accept death. The child is a part of the family and it is only natural that they take part in the funeral along with everybody else. Prepare them for what might happen at the funeral. Tell them exactly what is going to take place and why. Tell them that some of the mourners may cry.

If a parent’s own grief prevents them from talking to the child and preparing them for the funeral, another close relative or friend can do it.

Whether or not to take part in the funeral should be the child’s choice. It is not something a parent should force a child to do. If they don’t want to go, ask them why not and let them talk about their feelings.

Is honesty a must?  The basic questions about life and death demand honest answers.  Listen carefully when a child asks a question. Make sure you understand what they want to know. Answer the question.

If your child asks ‘Am I going to die?’ tell them that they will, but not for a long time. If a child asks whether a parent is going to die, they should be told that all people die eventually, but that their parent will not die for a long time.

A child may ask a question that a parent cannot answer. It is honest and OK to say ‘I don’t know’.

Is it good for my child to remember? It is always good for everybody to remember their loved one who has died. Through memories, the person is kept alive in our minds. It is helpful to leave a photo album out for the child to look at their pictures whenever they like.

Help children hold on to happy memories of the person who died. Say ‘Do you remember?’ or ‘That was how he wanted it’ or ‘This was her favorite food’. A child will know that it is good to remember.


Oradell Adolescent Counseling

Counseling for Young Adults in Oradell NJ

Is your teenage son or daughter suddenly disinterested in activities they once loved to enjoy? Or are you simply concerned about their recent struggles in school and letters home from teachers? It’s no secret that being a teenager can be a difficult process of transitioning, but young adulthood should not disrupt a person’s way of life. Anytime a mental issue becomes disruptive on a constant basis in one’s personal pursuit of happiness, it is time to seek help. No matter what your son or daughter is going through, you can rest assured that they will find the help they need with Oradell adolescent counseling at the welcoming offices of the experts in youth psychology at Mars & Venus.

The teenage years are a transitional struggle for a variety of reasons. As young bodies are assaulted with hormones and chemicals, sleep patterns are constantly a battle, and your children are growing into a world where they are beginning to look more inwardly as they try to decide what they want to do with the rest of their lives. For many teenagers, the thought of trying to figure out a college major, let alone a career path, can be the source of great anxiety and despair. Fortunately, whether your son or daughter is going through a tough time at school due to changes at home, or may be suffering from a serious mental problem, your experts in Oradell adolescent counseling are here to help. Mental problems and illnesses can often go unnoticed for a great deal of childhood lives, only to make themselves known as your children grow into adulthood and realize the problems they suffer from are truly not the same as everyone else. Counseling of youths involves one on one sessions to help assess their issues and needs, and works to assist each client in finding the strength and mental fortitude they need to succeed in life. Group sessions are available at the client’s request if they feel more comfortable in order to help them open about the source of their problems and find a road towards a solution. Youth counseling is accomplished in a largely conservative fashion, with medication only being discussed in rare cases of absolute necessity, for a natural approach towards a better way of life.

For the very best in Oradell adolescent counseling, be sure to visit the experts in mental health and overall wellness at the esteemed practice of Mars & Venus. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff works to meet the needs of our patients with personalized sessions and convenient options such as phone and video counseling to fit into your busy schedule. With adolescent counseling from Mars & Venus, your child can find the help they need to succeed in any path they choose.

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Children, Teens, and Divorce in Bergen County


Morrisa Drobnick, LCSW, staff writer and advice columnist of “KIDS Magazine” answers questions about children and divorce.

Q: My husband and I have been in a bad marriage for years. We have discussed divorce many times. We have two children. We try to be civil with each other, but often our anger flares up. At this point, we are staying together only for the kids. Are we doing the best thing? R.D. Paramus.

A: Dear R.D. You didn’t mention if therapy for your relationship had been attempted. If not, I always recommend therapy for couples and especially therapy to aid with the divorce decision. Indeed, divorce may be the only rational solution to a bad marriage. Evidence shows that children exposed to open conflict where parents terrorize, or strike one another, avoid each other, or are emotionally distant from one another are not well-adjusted. Reduce your post-divorce anger. Show your children that their parents can effectively guide them. Allow your children to maintain a close relationship to both parents. This will lead to a successful transition for your family.

Q: My parents are getting a divorce. I’m not sure how I feel. My parents are often angry. When I talk to my mom, she cries. When I go to my dad, he says, “Everything will be o.k.” I’m confused. C.W., Westwood.

A: Dear C.W. Confusion may be setting in because your feelings about divorce are changing as time passes. After you get over the shock of hearing the news, you may even be relieved. If your parents have been arguing a lot, it will be less tense in the house. Everybody is different, but most kids also go through a time of being angry. Don’t pretend things are o.k. if they’re not. It’s not your job to cheer everybody up. Find someone to talk to. If you have a friend whose parents are divorced; talk to them. Other relatives like grandparents, aunts, uncles can be helpful. You might talk to someone outside your family like a teacher, school counselor, club leader, or a parent of a friend. If they can’t help you, they will be able to suggest someone who can.

Oradell Pre-Marital Counseling

Pre-Marital Counselors in Oradell

When you think of all the things that you prepare for, putting in the effort to give yourself the best chance of success, Mars & Venus would like to suggest that doing the same thing for your marriage is a wonderful idea. After all, what’s more important to a happy life than a marriage that is successful, based on mutual trust and support? Well, with our Oradell pre-marital counseling, you and your future spouse will be able to benefit from the solid principles laid down in Dr. John Gray’s hugely popular and helpful book, “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.” The two of you have made the momentous decision to marry each other, so why not give yourselves the advantage of a foundation that allows you to understand each other, both your similarities and your differences? Knowing what motivates your spouse is a fantastic first step toward a marriage filled with happiness and joy.

It’s an unfortunate reality that what should be a small disagreement can so easily turn into a huge argument. It’s easy to blame each other and to see only your side, but with our Oradell pre-marital counseling, you’ll better be able to interpret what is bothering your spouse and vice-versa. Of course, listening is important, but we go beyond that, helping you both to see what’s behind the words. Yes, men and women think differently, feel differently, and argue differently. To keep your relationship strong and mutually satisfying, you both need to solve problems together and not look for winners and losers.

Happy couples do not happen by accident. It’s the result of putting in the time it takes to avoid the pitfalls that can derail other couples. Loving each other is a great reason to get married, but it may not be enough to keep the marriage afloat. With our Oradell pre-marital counseling, you give yourselves that indispensable edge that makes your success that much more likely.

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Children and Fear and Child Counseling in Oradell and Franklin Lakes, NJ

Morrisa Drobnick, LCSW, staff writer and advice columnist of “KIDS Magazine” answers a questions about children and fear.

Q – My son is afraid to go on the school bus. He is six years old and says he’d rather I take him and pick him up. What can I do? – A Working Mom, Hackensack.

A – Fears and phobias are common and within the normal range for a school age child. Focus your attention on helping your child cope with his fears. Ask him what makes him afraid of taking the bus. You may be surprised by his answer. A rattling window or the thought that the driver might not bring him home are both upsetting to a kid. Get him to express himself by role-playing, storytelling, or discussion.

Help him feel his inner strength. Acknowledge that life sometimes is scary. You could say, “Yes, I understand that you are afraid of going on the school bus, but I know you are brave and strong and it will be OK. I know you can do it.” Let him have his fears and learn how to handle them. Brainstorm with him about what he could do to conquer his fear or cope with it. Tell your child how you work at overcoming your fears. Don’t battle with him. Praise his progress. Tell him each day how well he is doing on the bus ride and remind him that tomorrow you know he will do even better.

This is a lesson here: Sometimes in life, we have to settle and compromise when we can’t have our first choice.

The Mars & Venus Counseling Center is here to help.  We are located in Teaneck, Oradell, and Ramsey. NJ.




Oradell Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy in Oradell NJ  

The purpose of Oradell couples therapy is to restore a better level of functioning in couples experiencing distress in their relationship.  Reasons for distress vary, and can include poor communication skills and incompatibility, or a broad range of psychological disorders that include alcoholism, domestic violence, depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia.  The main focus of couple’s therapy is to identify the existence of dissatisfaction and distress in your relationship.  Once this is accomplished, our experts at Mars & Venus can devise and implement a customized treatment plan.  This treatment plan has objectives that are designed to improve, or alleviate, your present symptoms, restoring your relationship to a better and healthier level of functioning. Couples therapy can help you if you have complaints of intimacy, sexual issues, or communication difficulties.

Married or not, Oradell couples therapy helps couples understand and resolve conflicts and improve their relationship. Couples therapy gives you the tools to improve communication, negotiate differences, solve problems, and even argue in a healthier way.  Provided by our licensed therapists, the same mental health services as other therapists are provided, but with a specific focus on a couple’s relationship.  Since some couples only need a few sessions to weather a crisis, couples therapy can also be short term.  However, if we feel your relationship has deteriorated greatly, you may need couples therapy for several months.  You typically see a marriage counselor or therapist once a week, just like with individual psychotherapy.

Many issues can contribute to distress in marriages, or other relationships, and Oradell couples therapy helps to resolve conflicts and improve your communication.  Issues such as illness, sex, infidelity, anger, and communication problems can all be contributing factors, and couples therapy at Mars & Venus can heal wounds and help resolve conflicts.  Oradell couples therapy can not only help you rebuild your relationship, but also help you decide if you’ll both be better off if you split up.  Either way, couples therapy can help you understand your relationship better and more realistically, so well-thought-out decisions can be made.

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