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Oradell child counselor

Oradell Child Counselor

Child therapy in Oradell

Raising a child is more than just a full-time job. As a parent, it can be challenging to juggle everything in life in addition to making sure that your kids are well and developing into well-adjusted independent individuals. But things happen, and issues can arise with children, whether they are behavior based or caused by a traumatic incident. Here at Mars & Venus, you and your child can meet with our Oradell child counselor to get to the root of the problem and figure out a plan that will help you both improve the quality of your lives.

Child counseling is often part of family counseling, especially since issues that involve children are often caused by family issues like death or divorce, and other concerns have a direct relation to parenting and how everyday caregiving can be adjusted or administered. Kids can suffer emotionally and mentally just as adults do, and kids can suffer from a number of different issues. Children and adolescents may experience emotional, psychological or social distress during their youth, which can have a profound impact on their overall development as a person. Seeking out help when you notice something off about their mood or behavior, such as aggression, depression, anxiety and more, then it is time to speak with a professional. Here at Mars & Venus, you and your child, and in some cases your entire immediate family, may want to meet with our Oradell child counselor to go over what has been happening as well as to discuss options for treatment. We treat each case individually, working with clients one-on-one to determine what will work best for the child as well as the family as a whole.

Through family therapy here at Mars & Venus, families or individuals within a family will learn more effective ways to communicate with one another, learn different style of interacting, and how to resolve conflicts in a way that works best for them as a whole as well as individuals. For more information on child, teen or family therapy, or to schedule an appointment with our Oradell child counselor, call us today.

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Bergen County Child Therapy

Child therapy in Bergen County

Bergen County child therapy

Bergen County child therapy

Are you seeking a therapist who is highly trained in the art of Bergen County child therapy? Call the office of Mars & Venus, where you can be paired with a specialist who truly cares about offering skilled and gentle care to our youngest fellow members of the Bergen County community.

At Mars & Venus, our practice, founded by Dr. Richard Drobnick, LCSW, DCSW, and Morrisa Drobnick, LCSW, is dedicated to offering high quality counseling, coaching, and psychotherapy to adults, adolescents, children, couples, and families. We understand that many of our patients are in difficult phases of their life and go the extra mile to ensure that our every client feels accepted, cared for, welcome, and respected. We offer a wide variety of services including daytime, evening and weekend availability, adult, child, adolescent and family counseling, couples, premarital, and marriage counseling, addiction and substance abuse counseling, grief and bereavement counseling/pet loss therapy, telephone counseling for individuals and couples, life coaching, spanish-speaking therapists, and acceptance of most insurance plans. Looking for the right doctor to handle your family’s Bergen County child therapy? Call our office to speak to a professional about your options in terms of ensuring that your child receives the compassionate, knowledgeable, and gentle care that he or she needs to move past their difficult life phase and reach their full potential. Our doctors specialize in connecting with children, helping them to share their feelings and better understand how to control their emotions. Good child therapy can help a young patient learn how to achieve higher levels of focus, communicate more clearly, and even better understand their emotions.

To learn more about that MArs & Venus can offer you in terms of excellent Bergen County child therapy, call our office today. With our help, you can breathe a little easier knowing that your family’s therapy is in good hands!

466 Kinderkamack Road,
Oradell, New Jersey 07649
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Children and Fear and Child Counseling in Oradell and Franklin Lakes, NJ

Morrisa Drobnick, LCSW, staff writer and advice columnist of “KIDS Magazine” answers a questions about children and fear.

Q – My son is afraid to go on the school bus. He is six years old and says he’d rather I take him and pick him up. What can I do? – A Working Mom, Hackensack.

A – Fears and phobias are common and within the normal range for a school age child. Focus your attention on helping your child cope with his fears. Ask him what makes him afraid of taking the bus. You may be surprised by his answer. A rattling window or the thought that the driver might not bring him home are both upsetting to a kid. Get him to express himself by role-playing, storytelling, or discussion.

Help him feel his inner strength. Acknowledge that life sometimes is scary. You could say, “Yes, I understand that you are afraid of going on the school bus, but I know you are brave and strong and it will be OK. I know you can do it.” Let him have his fears and learn how to handle them. Brainstorm with him about what he could do to conquer his fear or cope with it. Tell your child how you work at overcoming your fears. Don’t battle with him. Praise his progress. Tell him each day how well he is doing on the bus ride and remind him that tomorrow you know he will do even better.

This is a lesson here: Sometimes in life, we have to settle and compromise when we can’t have our first choice.

The Mars & Venus Counseling Center is here to help.  We are located in Teaneck, Oradell, and Ramsey. NJ.